Raised in the mountains above Boulder, Colorado, I have long had an appreciation for landscapes, learning to sew and paint ‘en plein air’ with my grandmother while still a child. However, my love of science meant I studied biochemistry and textile science at University of Nebraska-Lincoln and moved to San Marcos to take a faculty position in the fashion merchandising program, where I teach textiles and product development.
As an artist with a PhD in textile science, I bring a unique perspective to my art. My background in textile science has given me a deep understanding of the properties and capabilities of different fabrics, and I use this knowledge to create unique and dynamic textile designs which I can incorporate into wearable art.
One of my favorite techniques is Serti, a traditional silk painting method that involves using a resist to define boundaries for the hand painted dye and then steaming the fabric to fix the dye. This technique allows me to create intricate and detailed designs that have a sense of depth and luminosity. In addition to silk painting, I also use watercolor as a medium for my art, to produce studies for later silk painting.
My artwork is a celebration of the natural world and its beauty, I am particularly inspired by the San Marcos River. I strive to create textile designs and watercolor paintings that evoke a sense of connection to nature and inspire people to appreciate and preserve the beauty of the natural world.
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