The Story Begins is the theme of the first Price Center exhibition in 2024. The Price Center is a local community center in San Marcos, Texas, built inside a historic church building. While the center formally caters to the senior community, it is a popular location for artistic events and they host a series of 6 shows each year. This first show focused on the use of art to tell stories. I focused on the ability of small batik pieces to capture the luminous beauty of the silk with jewel like colors and the accent provided by a metallic resist.
The first image was called "Listen, Little One" and featured a small tree growing in the shadow of a larger tree on the edge of a birch grove. The use of pink is what captured the eventual buyer.
Listen, Little One. Silk Batik. 5"x5" 2024
The second piece was more free-form and included my beloved San Marcos River, as well as some pink. 
Reaching the Riverbank. Silk Batik. 5"x5" 2024
Both sold to a happy customer who bought one and then came back the next day to buy the other. 
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