Secrets in Limestone 1.3
My current painting series is called "Groundwork" and focuses on the real and the imaginary in scientific diagrams of geological structures. My interest is drawn to this subject by the importance that aquifers play in sustaining the local San Marcos River, a place I love. The diagrams of aquifers make the borders between geologic layers seem very defined and certain.
My visit to limestone caverns in the area, as well as swimming in places like Jacob's Well in Wimberly, all have a magical feel that I tried to capture in texture and color.

This 15x60 silk batik banner was shown at the 2024 Seguin Fiber Arts exhibition where it received a second prize from the jury for its "great use of color, imaginative use of medium and excellent composition". It was purchased by a woman who said she "didn't imagine she would leave with something so pretty". Job done.
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